The Thai Bodywork Academy

Therapeutic Thai Bodywork for the Table Welcome to your online learning portal for Clinical Thai Bodywork. Originally developed by Thai Bodywork Founder Chuck Duff in 2005, CTB integrates in-depth knowledge of Travell & Simons trigger point therapy with the most effective manual therapy techniques from traditional Thai massage, osteopathy, and Asian medicine. Chuck is known as one of the top bodywork educators in the world, has produced 5 DVDs and taught thousands of students from many parts of the world.

CTB practitioners have an impressive track record in addressing even severe pain conditions in a relatively short time. Our approach involves changing stagnant areas of muscle tissue through compression, movement, active engagement and release, and ultimately re-training muscle fibers to move fully and normally through their range without pain. Once joint motion is truly normalized, pain decreases or disappears – sometimes shockingly fast.

The Thai Bodywork Academy, our online training portal, brings Chuck's groundbreaking work to a wider audience than ever before. We shoot both studio and live class footage of our workshops and combine them with Chuck's educational slide decks, articles, downloads and quizzes. Students love the ability to stream Chuck's detailed teaching 24/7 from virtually any device.

"A note of appreciation! Thank you, Chuck Duff, for sharing your knowledge, skills and experience through your online courses! There is nothing else "out there" like these! I've thoroughly enjoyed watching several of them, most recently the frozen shoulder online course. For those of us that desire continued education with you but rarely have the freedom to travel, this is a highly valuable resource. While I prefer to study in person at your school, this satiates my appetite for additional tools/skills to address my clients' pain patterns as I evolve as a new practitioner of Thai Bodywork. Looking forward to seeing more of these!" – With Much Gratitude, Julianne Hutchcraft

Online Course Offerings at the Thai Bodywork Academy

Thai Bodywork Academy

Clinical Thai Bodywork Courses

Our Clinical Thai Bodywork courses are divided into 7 body areas. Each course is taught at our school as a 2.5 day/20 hour workshop covering regional anatomy, trigger point complaints and pain referral patterns and the best techniques that we have found to fully treat each muscle and provide appropriate resolving stretches. We are in a process of shooting each of the body areas, and are posting new courses as they are completed. We expect the full seven body areas to be available by the end of 2016.

"What we get here is way beyond what you can get, really anywhere." – Laura Hulke, Heartwood Healing Collective

One of the unique aspects of Chuck's teaching is that in addition to in-depth coverage of each muscle, he has developed a regional protocol that guides the practitioner through treatment of all muscles relevant to a pain complaint. For example, our Shoulder Protocol course maps out a 90-minute treatment that visits each of the 24 muscles relevant to shoulder pain and ensures that the practitioner doesn't miss anything important. A key feature of the protocol is how to make decisions at each step about what muscles are relevant, and where valuable treatment time should be spent. The Protocol courses are online only, and each includes approximately 2 hours of video along with extensive slide decks and downloads.

Thai Bodywork Courses

This category includes coursework that teaches fundamental techniques important to building a practice, such as Therapeutic Thai Bodywork for the Table. These courses are part of our Certified Thai Bodywork Practitioner (TBP) program.

The Thai Bodywork DVD Series

We have all 5 titles from our DVD Series available online for 24/7 streaming. These titles can be purchased individually or as a package and are available for either permanent access via a one-time payment, or as a low-cost monthly subscription.

Treating Specific Pain Issues

We're continually adding a series of shorter courses addressing common pain complaints, such as Posterior Sciatica and Frozen Shoulder. Clinical Thai Bodywork offers effective treatment for many common pain complaints, but the practitioner needs to know what muscles to consider, appropriate sequencing and what decisions to make in assessing the client. Chuck offers these mini-courses densely packed with wisdom from his clinical experience – this is information that you won't find anywhere else.

Continuing Education

Many of our online courses are available for continuing education credit as home study trainings via NCBTMB and the Illinois Physical Therapy Association. Please see the individual course descriptions for current status. If there is a particular course that you would like to use for continuing ed credit, please let us know.

The Thai Bodywork School

Thai Bodywork School of Thai Massage - Evanston, IL

Chuck Founded Thai Bodywork School in Evanston, IL in 2001 in Evanston, IL, when Chuck began offering Thai massage workshops in addition to his private practice. The school has grown steadily since that time, and now offers more than 30 workshops per year. Chuck’s focus on the therapeutic benefits of Thai massage led him to develop Clinical Thai Bodywork as a modality and he taught the first CTB course in 2005.

Thai Bodywork is now the only school anywhere that offers not only a full repertoire of techniques from traditional Thai massage, but an in-depth understanding of the muscular effects of each technique along with professional-level training in trigger point therapy. Our students learn to treat specific pain complaints with a high rate of success using CTB, and we offer two levels of professional certification in coursework approved by NCBTMB for continuing education in massage.

“Truly the best and most enjoyable bodywork training I have attended. The DVD Series is a great complement to the training. Everyone I practice on comments ‘that was great'”
— Ecila, Level 1 Student

Our courses are primarily offered in intensive workshop format, and students may design their own path and schedule through the program. Anyone is welcome to attend our Level 1 trainings with or without prior bodywork experience. Our school attracts students from many demographics, including yoga teachers who wish to gain an understanding of hands-on work, physical therapists looking for a more efficient way to deal with pain and dysfunction, massage therapists interested in an approach that involves reliable clinical benefit, movement and is kind to their bodies, individuals wanting to transition to a new career in the healing arts, personal trainers wishing to provide benefit to their clients with pain, and many more.