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Our school is the only program of its kind, integrating professional training in trigger point therapy with the traditional techniques of Thai massage. Learn from master teacher Chuck Duff, an internationally known bodywork innovator.

Coaching The Body Academy

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Welcome to your online learning portal for Coaching The Body. Developed by Thai Bodywork Founder Chuck Duff in 2005, CTB integrates in-depth knowledge of Travell & Simons trigger point therapy with the most effective manual therapy techniques from traditional Thai massage, osteopathy, and Asian medicine. Chuck is known as one of the top bodywork educators in the world, has produced 5 DVDs and taught thousands of students from many parts of the world.

The CTB Academy brings Chuck's groundbreaking work to a wider audience than ever before. We shoot both studio and live class footage of our workshops and combine them with Chuck's educational slides, articles, downloads and quizzes. Students love the ability to stream Chuck's detailed teaching 24/7 from virtually any device.


"A note of appreciation! Thank you, Chuck Duff, for sharing your knowledge, skills and experience through your online courses! There is nothing else "out there" like these! I've thoroughly enjoyed watching several of them, most recently the frozen shoulder online course. For those of us that desire continued education with you but rarely have the freedom to travel, this is a highly valuable resource. While I prefer to study in person at your school, this satiates my appetite for additional tools/skills to address my clients' pain patterns as I evolve as a new practitioner of Thai Bodywork. Looking forward to seeing more of these!" ~ With Much Gratitude, Julianne Hutchcraft

Online Offerings

Our offerings are constantly expanding and currently consist of 30+ courses. Categories include:

  • Short Topics: 1-2 hour, affordably priced courses on key topics such as important muscle pairs like subscapularis and infraspinatus, working with posterior sciatica and restoring shoulder abduction.
  • Bundles: These classes bundle together several other related courses at an aggressive pricing discount. Examples include our Frozen Shoulder Bundle and our Session Library Bundle.
  • CTB Courses: We offer online versions of our certification courses in each of seven body areas, as well as courses on specific clinical topics.
  • Thai Bodywork Courses: Online versions of in-person courses taught at our school in Evanston and other cities.
  • DVD Library: Online versions of our Thai Bodywork DVD Series.

Continuing Education

Many of our online courses are available for continuing education credit as home study trainings via NCBTMB and the Illinois Physical Therapy Association. Please see the individual course descriptions for current status. If there is a particular course that you would like to use for continuing ed credit, please let us know.

In-Person Offerings

We offer over 500 hours of classes and 2 levels of certification trainings throughout the year at Coaching The Body Institute, our school in Evanston, IL. Certified Instructors also offer some classes in other cities.